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Getting started — Installation of RStudio and some packages + using ggplot() to make a simple plot

Install R Revise how to install R, as previously discussed here and here. Installation How do you download and install R? Google “CRAN” and click on the download link, then follow the instructions (e.g. at “install R for the first time”). … Continue reading

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Mixed-effects modeling — four hour workshop — part III: Regression modeling

We completed a study on the factors that influence visual word recognition performance in lexical decision. We then put together a dataset for analysis here. We examined the distribution of inter-relation of critical variables in that dataset, acting to transform … Continue reading

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Modelling – examination correlations: advanced scatterplots

This post will focus exclusively on the relationships between pairs of variables. We will be looking at the item norms data, though you might want to practice the R procedures we deploy on the subjects data (see earlier posts here, … Continue reading

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