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Mixed-effects modeling — four hour workshop — part I: Data handling

This post will be one of four in which we go through how to model a multilevel dataset using linear mixed-effects modeling. To begin, we need to collate the data we have gathered in a simple reading experiment but one … Continue reading

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Getting started – selecting data, wrangling data – early (basic) moves

This post and the few following will switch focus from the ML subject scores database to a database built out of normative data about word attributes, which actually comes in a number of different parts (downloadable at the links). Remember that … Continue reading

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Getting started – working directories, loading data, and a bit more plotting

For this post, I am going to assume that you know about files, folders and directories on your computer. In Windows (e.g. in XP and 7), you should be familiar with Windows Explorer. If you are not, this series of … Continue reading

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Getting normative data for words

The easiest step is to get data we need from the English Lexicon Project (ELP). We will want information on frequency (there are several measures, we will be using the log context distinctiveness (CD) measure from the SUBTLEX database; see … Continue reading

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What they call workflow

[Password protected version of this post, under resources, with downloadable example files] Many researchers talk about workflow. This refers to the series of steps involved in completing an investigation: going from intention to paper, to paraphrase the title of Levelt’s … Continue reading

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