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Modelling – examining correlations among predictors

In a previous post, we used merge() to create a joint database holding a large set of data on the attributes of the 160 words presented in a lexical decision experiment whose completion I supervised a while ago. I would … Continue reading

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Modelling – examination correlations: advanced scatterplots

This post will focus exclusively on the relationships between pairs of variables. We will be looking at the item norms data, though you might want to practice the R procedures we deploy on the subjects data (see earlier posts here, … Continue reading

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Modelling – examining the correlations between predictor variables

This post will consider how to explore the relationship between a set of variables: variables that we will ultimately use in a mixed-effects analysis of lexical decision data. Most of the analyses we will be doing will examine whether observed … Continue reading

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Getting started – drawing a scatterplot, with a linear regression smoother, edited title, label and theme, for report

This post assumes that you have installed and are able to load the ggplot2 package, that you have been able to download the ML subject scores database and can read it in to have it available as a dataframe in … Continue reading

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