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Modelling – look ahead to mixed-effects modelling

So far, we have been looking at the participant attributes or the item attributes for our lexical decision study. It is time to move on to consider a mixed-effects analysis examining whether or how lexical decision responses were influenced by: … Continue reading

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Modelling – examining correlations: first, look at predictor distributions

This post follows on from the previous post, concerning the examination of variable distributions. It is always useful to plot the distribution of variables like item attributes e.g. item length in letters. One important benefit of doing so is identifying … Continue reading

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Getting started – working directories, loading data, and a bit more plotting

For this post, I am going to assume that you know about files, folders and directories on your computer. In Windows (e.g. in XP and 7), you should be familiar with Windows Explorer. If you are not, this series of … Continue reading

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