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Modelling – examining correlations: first, look at predictor distributions

This post will take a more in-depth look at the relationships between variables. A key property of experimental data is that we measure attributes – characteristics of people,  stimuli, and behaviour – and that those measurements (the numbers) vary. Numbers … Continue reading

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Getting started – drawing a scatterplot, with a linear regression smoother, edited title, label and theme, for report

This post assumes that you have installed and are able to load the ggplot2 package, that you have been able to download the ML subject scores database and can read it in to have it available as a dataframe in … Continue reading

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Getting started – positioning and getting multiple plots on one page, output as a pdf

This post assumes you know how to set a working directory, load a data file, and run a ggplot() function call to create a histogram using geom_histogram, as discussed here. What are going to do in this post is expand … Continue reading

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