Workflow concerns – how do you organize information?

Information you have to organize

1. articles from literature search – abstracts, results of literature searches, pdfs of articles you have access to, your notes on the articles:

— people print things out, write notes on paper, and file this stuff – in a cabinet or in stacks of paper

Is this successful?

— if you want find something, how long does it take you to find it?

— are you duplicating information?

— how easy it is to put information together?

My experience

— when accumulating paper my answers to the questions were these:

— in writing notes on literature — you can remember things better and you need to accumulate — facts, experiments, ideas

— writing notes is about entry into memory

— written notes are not useful for recollection — it was very hard to find previous thoughts — impressions, secondary evaluations

— google recommend search not sorting emails – there is evidence that you do keyword searches

— evernote allows you to search your information – use tags, you separate notebooks, you search by keyword

— experimenting with qiqqa as a way to handle pdfs – qiqqa allows keyword searches within pdfs

— your memory — best way to consolidate information — write a review

— you will need to organize — data collection – experimental information – analysis files – results – reports

–> things that belong stay together

— notes on a thing – your word document: item selection + excel file you’re doing it in + pdfs on the topic

you can do a search within a word document

— organization of information during analysis

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